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visakhapatnam Pincode / Post Office Search (VIZIANAGARAM, Andhra Pradesh)

Aganampudi B.O 530046visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Annavaram B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Autonagar S.O 530012visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Bheemunipatnam S.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Boni B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Butchirajupalem S.O 530027visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chepaluppada B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chinamushidiwada B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chinawaltair S.O 530003visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chinnapuram B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chintalapalem B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Chippada B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Dakamarri B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Devada B.O 530031visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Duvvada B.O 530046visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Fortward S.O 530001visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gajuwaka S.O 530026visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gandhavaram B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gandigundam B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Ghandhi Place S.O 530003visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gidijala B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gnanapuram S.O 530004visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gorapalle B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gottupalli B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gudilova B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gudivada B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Gurrampalem B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
IRSD Area S.O 530008visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Isakathota S.O 530022visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
J.V.Agraharam B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KGH S.O 530002visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kondrajupeta B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Korada B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kovvada B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kurupam Market S.O 530001visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Kusuluwada B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
LIC Building S.O 530004visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Maddi B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Majjivalasa B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Marripalem Vuda Colony S.O 530009visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Modavalasa B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Mopada B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Muralinagar S.O 530007visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nadupuru B.O 530044visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nagarajupalem B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Narava B.O 530027visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nausenabagh S.O 530005visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Naval Dock Yard S.O 530014visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Nerellavalasa B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
New Colony S.O 530016visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Padmanabham B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pandranki B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pedagadi B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Peddipalem B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pendurthy S.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Penta B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Pithapuram Colony S.O 530003visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Polipalli B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Porlupalem B.O 530047visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Potnuru B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Prahladapuram B.O 530027visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
R P Agraharam S.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Rampuram B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Ravada B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Revidi B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Saripalli B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Singannabanda B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sirlapalem B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Sontyam B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
T.V.Agraharam B.O 531219visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tallavalasa B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tarluvada B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Tatituru B.O 531162visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Turners Choultry S.O 530002visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
V. Juttada B.O 531173visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vedullanarava B.O 530046visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vellanki B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vemulavalasa B.O 531163visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
Vidya Bhavan S.O 530003visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
VM Steel Projrct Town Ship S.O 530031visakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.